I play Pokemon, I like Pokemon, I like Misty, I love Pokemon.

When i was 10years old Pokemon Episodes released in television. Later Pokemon Video Games available in local store. I play Pokemon in GameBoy Color, Game Boy Advance, Lately Pokemon is widely spread in internet. I play Pokemon

I rate Overall Pokemon Episodes: 4.2 out of 5
- annoying Team Rocket (team entrance themes),
+Team Rocket blast off again(flying exit) makes me laugh,
+Team get little serious in Unova Region,
+interesting no money-matter involve,
+main characters can solve the problem team rocket caused,
- Misty and May are high temper sometimes
+Misty May, Dawn, are cute girls, loving

+Misty, May, Dawn, toast their bicycle by electricity. lol
- Brock attract to all cute girls

+Brock a guy knows how to cook food
+Tracey is a good Artist
- + Max is too intelligent at young age
+ Ash is innocent, need to learn more,

(more to update in watching the episodes again)

Pokemon Video Games: 3.8 out of 5
*Game Boy Color
*Game Boy Advance
*PC Visual Boy
*PC Dessume

my pokedex: around 450+ out of 650 
i learned pokemon element strength and weaknesses
i see some guides on internet to follow.

My Favorite Pokemon in Unova Region: (see more photo)


visit official page of pokemon for pokedex all pokemon list

Pokemon Character:
visit official page of pokemon for all pokemon characters

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