Perfect World

Personal Rating: 4.8 out of 5 

2007 Perfect World released in the Philippines. I'm seeking for role playing online game that time. Yes, my friend introduce Perfect World Ph to us. Then I play Perfect World with my friends. Until now 2012 i love Perfect World. I lived in the Perfect World!

Perfect World is a revolutionary online game set against the backdrop of imperial and mythological China, all done in full 3D graphics. You can customize, craft, quest, date, duel, battle and shape it into your idea of what a Perfect World should be. The first Chinese created online game in the Philippines, Perfect World brings with it a slew of awards won in the international gaming scene.

Dusk City, Frost City, Moon Valley, Shen Wu, Lost Empire, Dawn of the Elementals, Misty City, Halls of Reincarnation and Rise of the Tideborn.

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(visit official website of Perfect World Philippines for more information and to download the game)

p.s. play moderately

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