Stanley Jay Haro

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Stanley Jay Haro
International Profile Account -- Updated 2013
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Full Name: Stanley Jay Haro
Nationality: Filipino
Hometown: Philippines
Current Location: Iloilo City
Work: Self-Employed
Skin Color: Brown
Eyes Color: Black
Hair: Long, Black
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 54

Level 23
Exp. 2442352/42000000
Power-Strength: 28+2
Agility-Speed: 35+2
Intelligence-IQ: 89+3
Motto: Your Success is within You. You make your own road. - Stanley Haro
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Educational Background:
Elementary: Privacy Settings - only friends can view this page
Secondary: Privacy Settings - only friends can view this page
College: Privacy Settings - only friends can view this page
Master Degree: only friends can view this page
Special Traning Skills: only friends can view this page
Special Skills: only friends can view this page

I am a/an
•Computer Games Gamer
•Computer Games Expert
•Business Tycoon(soon)
Web Developer
•Game Developer
Internet Marketer,
•Online Games Masters
•Online Businessman

Priority, Hobby and Interest:
•Work and Time
•Business, Money and Savings
•Science, Computer, Modern Technology
•Religion, Family, Love-life
•Free Time

Special Interest:

•future tech
•developed modern devices and technology. (3 items completed)
-time machine -data hidden
-modern portal -data hidden
-prototype Chronosphere -data hidden
-flying object -data hidden
-extreme laser -data hidden
-lightning beam weapon -data hidden
-plasma armors -data hidden
-plasma guns -data hidden
-human life extender technology -data hidden
-extraterrestrial language technology -data hidden
-extraterrestrial contact -data hidden
-invisibility -data hidden
-immortality -data hidden
-humanoid developing center -data hidden
-nanotechnology, reflective nano armors, advance spaceship nano armor - data hidden
-air balancing suit, flying device for futuristic flight of individual - on going research...
-planetary defense system - data hidden
-plastic waste diesel technology - existed
-solar power energy multiplier -data hidden
•1732 more items are hidden

•Using computer and internet is my hobby.
•I like research and experiment
•I like to collect books
•I want to explore on internet.
•I like to spend my time alone
•I love being wealthy, lol
•I like cosplay, i want to try cosplaying

My Favorite updating new data...
Fried Chicken, 
Boiled Egg, 
Sundae Hot Chocolate
Nescafe Cremelatte
Nescafe Chocolatte
Mang Inasal, 
Green Mango
Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew
Mall: Robinson, SM City
Bank: BDO
Black and White and Red
Number: 4
Fiber Castell
Favorite Tv Show: 
Pilipinas Got Talent
Its Showtime
To Da Max
Pinoy Big Brother 
-pbb teen 4
-pbb teen 1Minondo Girl
Mara Clara
Survivor Philippines

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Anime Series:

Favorite Animated Movies:
Kungfu Panda
Ice Age
Toy Story

Actress: Myrtle Sarrosa, Kim Chiu, Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda,
Actor: Coco Martin, Billy Joe, Vhong Navarro,

Facebook Address:
Facebook Page:

Facebook Online Games: Toy Attack, Backyard Monster, Millionair City, Sim Social, Coffee Life, Disco Club; New in Town, Tycoons, Mafia Wars, Farmville, Farmtown

Local Computer Games: Sim City 4, Warcraft Frozen Throne (DotA Allstar) The Sims with Expansion, Red Alert 2, Max Payne, Medival Total War II, Civilization 4, Diablo II, Capitalism, Gameboy, Visualboy, Pokemon

Online Games Played: Perfect World Philippines; Perfect World Perfect World International; Perfect World Vendeta; Perfect World FakePW; Emprise PW; Perfect World Epic; Perfect World Legacy; Wanmie Perfect World Chinese; High Street 5; Audition, O2Jam, Ran, Cabal Online, Rohan, Special Force, Crossfire, Crazy Cart, Flyff, Heroes of Newearth, LOL, WOW, Diablio III

Personal Character :
Neat: }}}}4
Nice: }}}}}5
Calm: }}}}}}}}}9
Active: }}}}}}6
Drowsiness: }}}}4
Flirt: }}}}}5
Religious: }}}}4
Sensitive: }}}}4
Technology: }}}}}}}} 8
Love in Nature: }}}}}}6
Creativity: }}}}}}}7
Business Minded: }}}}}}}}}}}}}12
Loyal: }}}}}}}}}9
Discipline: }}}}}}}}8
Thrifty: }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}18
Obedient: }}}}4
Generous: }}}}}5
Helpful: }}}}4

Favorite Subject:
English: }}}}}}5
Writing: }}}}}}}7
Speaking English: }}}}}5
Poem: }}}3
Filipino: }}}}}}}}}}10
Math: }}}}}}}}}9
Math: }}}}}}6
Calculus: }}}}4
Business: }}}}}}}}}}10
Management: }}}}}}6
Accounting: }}}4
Marketing: }}}}}}}7
Science: }}}}}}}7
Technology: }}}}}}6
Biology: }}}}4
Chemistry: }}}}}}6
Physics: }}}}}}6
Physics: }}}}}5
History: }}}}}}6
Geography: }}}}}}}7
Asia: }}}}}6
World: }}}}4
Art: }}}}}}6
Architecture: }}}}}}}}}9
Design: }}}}}}}7
Painting: }}}}}}}7
Rendering: }}}}}}}}8
Portrait: }}}3
Music: }}}}} 5
Singing: }}}}}5
Health: }}}}} 5
P.E. }}}}}}}}8
Dancing: }}}}}5
Basketball: }}}}}}6
Volleyball: }1
Bowling: }}}}}}}}9
Badminton: }}}}}}6
Swimming: }}2
Cooking: }}}}4
Computer: }}}}}}}}7

Blogging: }}}}}}}}}}}11
Facebook Games: }}}}}}}7
Role Playing Online Games: }}}}}}}7
Business: }}}}}}}}}}}}12
Online Business: }}}}}}}}8
Banking: }}}}}5

Recent Games Played:

Owned Online Games

Computer Time Usage: 24/7
Cellphone Usage: minimal
Cellphone Number: hidden
Current Wealth: hidden
E-Mail Address: hidden

*Financial Wealth *Assets
Money: (shown is total assets investment already spent and small amount of cash)
Money Type: Philippine Peso
•one quadrillion
•one trillion pesos
•five hundred billion pesos
•one hundred billion pesos
•fifty billion pesos
•ten billion pesos
•one billion pesos
•five hundred million pesos
•four hundred million pesos
•three hundred million pesos
•two hundred million pesos
•one hundred million pesos
•fifty million pesos
•ten million pesos
•five million pesos
•one million pesos
•half million pesos
•one hundred thousand pesos
•fifty thousand pesos
•ten thousand pesos

*Property - Business
•Shopping Mall
•Department Store
•Automobile Store
•National Banks
•Lending Company
•Gas Station
School Supply and Bookstore
•Fast Food Outlet
•Small Fast Food Station
•Cart Vendor Company
•Shoe Mart
•Convenience Store
•Computer Cafe
Online Store
Small Sari-Sari Store
•Shipping Lines
•Hardware Outlet
•Electrical Company
•Water Company

*property -residential, commercial
•5Star Hotels
•7Star Hotels
•Mall Hotel
•Big House
•Small House

•Rice Field
•Sugar Cane Field
•Mango Field - okay
•Coffee Field
•Tobacco Field
•Pineapple Field

-Egg --
-Meat --
•Cow Rising
-Milk --
•Lamb Rising

*****My Basic Retailing*****
San Miguel Beer
Coca Cola
Hope and Fortune

Ballpen: Panda Crystal, HBW 2000/9801
Glue: HBW, Elmers
Marker: HBW, Chinese,
Paper: White - Advance and Classmate
Toys: Yoyo, VBlade, Toy Cars, Barbie Doll, Boardgames,
Fire Crackers: hidden,

Auto Shop:
max no. of car/van:
car wash service:

Highest Gold Jewelry:
Sold out:


When i was young i play computer games.
I started playing Online Games at 4th year high school.
I love business, I put up a small business along with my parents. My Product is more on School Supplies, Toys, and Accessories.
I got Online Business with my online partners on Infinity Supreme, Green Barley, Vmobile,
Green Barley - Philippines - Miracle Food Cure Illness and Disease
(more business info is hidden)
fb: stanley - subscribe me in facebook
twit: stanley - follow me in twitter
Admin#21 Information

(some information are not shown in this website. secured by SJH Capital Philippines company privacy settings)
SJH ID: Stanley Jay Haro - D2AA201HT43QW2E - 2012
Key: Stanley Jay Haro, SJH Capital Philippines Admin 20372
User-agent: *
Allow: /


Anonymous said...


Wooah, anu na naman to kuya stanley, extension nanaman ng profile mo?

Hindi ka naman ata active sa facebook. haha

Have a nice day po kuya!

Anonymous said...


Nice blog about yourself, keep it up!

Hitler123 said...

todo triping ba, hahaha, pulawi gd na todo!!!

Baby19 said...

nice profile! goodluck and achieve your goals stanley=)

Mixme33 said...

patulong po gumawa ng blog. ty!!

Doll12 said...

anu ni, haha, todo trip ba!, hehehe

HoneyBunch4492 said...

kinakareer mo na ata to kuya stanley ah, hehe.. goodluck.

Alexa17 said...

Dami naman nilagay mo sa profile mo, hehee, hve fun po kuya stan..

LilJasmine said...

Hi stanley, nice profile, how can i add you to be my friend?

maybe i will send you some invitation in facebook.

have a nice day! =)

DotaBoy22 said...

lol, power bat 25 lng, weak,, aagaaga

bebe16 said...

taga saan ka po sa iloilo kuya?

BabyJasmine said...

Impressive na blog po kuya stanly!!! pa tuitor naman po para magpayaman.. hehee,,,
pa-adopt nalng po ako sayo<3..

PTC Pinoy 18 said...

hanep naman blog mo, hahahaa
goodluck sa career mo sir!

NEOBUX PTC said...

Best PTC site and Stable!!!

pinkpink22111 said...

halimaw kana pala sa internet business??? tindi mo namn,, do more pa po!!! tc!!!

Computer Adik203409 said...

you didn't update your onlines games page yet?

Luksong natinik said...

Ay binu-ang, dollars baligya muh!!!

P()kWaNg2333 said...

paturo po aku para kumita ng dollars online....


Anonymous said...

I like your music Fallin by janno too.. have fun mr.

MixMe said...

Hi stanley, keep up your good work=)
have fun...

Anonymous said...

Hi im fretzy from canada, can you be my friend????

Lolz said...

dugangi unod sang website mo, hahaha...kulang pa nah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi kuya stanley, nakita ko na ang blogger profile mo.

aus ah, business online????

lankawasgirl12 said...

tripping mo lng ni>???? hahaha...

ma drawing drawing pa ko ya!!! hihi

tc lng da sa imo ah..

daw na mis ta na ka.. weeehhh??

bag-o lng ko ka open face book

LittleHenA212 said...

hi stah musta ka na?

Xe35SSXXXXX said...

Kamusta ka na po?

Anonymous said...

anu page ang perfect world post mo??

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Anonymous said...

online ka sa facebook tol?

Anonymous said...

ga-anu kah dah sa China? ahahahahaah!!!! thalang kah aiy..

Anonymous said...

hi im lea 18 f California, send me mail me at facebook.

Juyoyo said...

hey, i dunno how to upload picture...

InternetMoneyMan said...

Hi Stanley, would you like to earn money online??? lot of money to earn, earn dollar, less efort, less stress. No boss, your the boss, mail me if you are interested. find me in facebook, the same name, thankyou

Ylmaya said...

gavend ko ngayon sa dragon server, ol ka master stanley, kita-kits ingame.

Supremo said...

visit my infinity supreme website

Anonymous said...

wow.. mahaba pa ang buhok mo dito boss ah!!

ingetero#5 said...

nasa china ka now? hahaha!! ^_^

Stanley Jay Haro said...

Anonymous said...

di mo na ata nauupdate bro blog mo, HAHA!!!

stanley jay haro said...

na update ko na po, busy lang kasi sa work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kua Stan!! Improve now website mo ha! :)

stanley jay haro said...

medyo busy nga ako ngayon ko lg na-update, hehe, anyway thnx

tintin said...

HI Kua Stan :3

Anonymous said...

Gwabe ikaw toto mayara kana gali website ha, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hi Stan ikaw ang gumawa ng blog? hirap magdesign >_<

Stanley Jay Haro said...

yes po ako gumawa ng blog ko at mga links layout etc, but the entire design is already available to grab on.
anyway i experience little bit hard noon from some codes at iba pa noong pag start ko palang sa bloging. hindi alam ang dapat isusunod na gagawin. nag kadeactivate nga ang google adsense ko dahil medyo bad pa me noon, haha, but i learn from my mistakes. after a month and yr, medyo okay okay narin ang web blogging ko, wala po me pala proper na computer course, simple basics i learn habang tumatagal.

thank you po sa pagvisit sa website ko, balik kayo ha,

-stanley - this blog's admin

Anonymous said...

you got a first class blog!! thumbs up!! keep it up sir :)

stanley jay haro said...

lol first class?? haha, thanks ^_^

Anonymous said...

bro intelligence mo 89+3? cheat ba? HAHAHA!!!!

stanley jay haro said...

lol,. haha,, ewan ko bakit may +3 yan, hahaha

Anonymous said...

kamusta stan??....