Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 Big Night

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"Nagpakatotoo sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya. Marunong sa pagtangap kung may kamalian. Masayahing bata, nasa kanya ang katangian ng isang teenager. Si Karen ang Big Winner"

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"Determinado si Roy sa lahat ng Pagsubok ng Buhay. Siya ang dapat maging Big Winner"

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"Friendly ang kambal, malapit sa mga housemate, mula sa simula hindi na nominate ng kasama. Maganda ang pagpapalaki sa kanila, kaya karapat dapat maging Big Winner"

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"For everyone to be enlightened…please read..!"

By : Dr. Allison Ashley

"I’m a doctor (Pyschiatrist) and a mother of 2 girls ages 14 and 15. I usually don’t allow my daughters to watch PBB for the reason that it is aired late at night and I think they don’t get any benefit from watching it. But when PBB teen edition 4 started they begged if they could watch since they still don’t have classes. Being a mother, I allowed them to watch it but with my supervision. During the first week of the show, I begun to admire Myrtle already. She was not like the other housemates especially the other girls in the house. She is not the typical teenager that I usually encounter in my profession as a doctor. SHE IS REALLY DIFFERENT… different in the sense that she’s 17 and yet she thinks like a smart and a professional adult. In every problem that she experienced in the house, she tried her very best to talk to the person and fix the issue, she can control her anger very well and doesn’t talk in a rude manner just what like the other housemates are doing. She tries her very best to be alone and reflects on a situation before she makes her move. When I watched her behaving this way, I found myself wanting to know her more and wanting to analyze her behavior. In fact, whenever I was out of town and could not watch the show, I would call my daughters and tell them to relate the show that I missed. There were several episodes that me and my daughters would discuss together and analyze the situation Myrtle was in. Because of Myrtle, I spend more time with my daughters in watching this show and because of Myrtle, my daughter who is about to graduate in high school decided to take BS Psychology when she goes to college next year. Myrtle just brought out the passion in my daughter to understand and analyze behaviors of a person. I’m 38 years old mother and very serious in my profession as a doctor but watching Myrtle being involved with Kit/Yves just makes me smile and feeling so young again. And again in this episode of her stay in the house where she was involved with Kit/Yves, I can see again the maturity in her how she handles this situation. She doesn’t give in right away. I’m sure she likes Kit/Yves but she put a limitation and a reservation in it. She knows that she is in the house and in a controlled environment and this is basically the reason why she puts limitation to being close to Yves/Kit. She believed that their feelings might change for each other and she wanted this issue to be raised outside the house and not inside the house. But again she is still a teenager and no matter how she wants to avoid this situation, she could not just control it… so slowly, we saw her getting close to Kit/Yves. We saw her allowing Kit/Yves to hold her hand, to put their arm around her and hug her… but again the limitation is very evident which I think is just the RIGHT thing to do for a teenager like her.

I read a comment of a hater in one of her fan page and I just can’t stop shaking my head when that person questioned the intelligence of Myrtle. She said that if only Myrtle is really intelligent and smart, then how come she just ignored how Claire and the other housemates backstabbed her and if she’s really that smart then she should have confronted those who backstabbed her. That’s exactly the point….SHE IS SMART AND VERY INTELLIGENT TO THINK THAT THE RIGHT WAY OF HANDLING SUCH SITUATION IS TO CONTROL ONE’S FEELING,TO THINK ABOUT THE SITUATION, TO LET THE SITUATION COOL DOWN FOR A WHILE BEFORE TALKING TO THE PERSON INVOLVED. Isn’t this the smartest way to handle such a situation? In my 18 years of being a doctor and involved with professional people this is how we handle such situation. This is how we handle such situation. This just shows that we are mature, intelligent and smart enough to behave that way…and that’s why I don’t question Myrtle being smart and intelligent. In fact, I am proud of her for behaving that way.

Another issue that they are trying to bring out is that she’s not showing her true identity and hides it by being a cosplayer. My goodness…it’s a form of art, it’s a passion for her, she likes doing this and she use it to hide her depression at times…analyzing it again, its again a mature way of handling depression. Everytime she feels sad she transforms herself into a cosplayer and thru this she forgets her problems. ‘This is just one way of finding a solution to her depression. Again isn’t this better than isolating herself in her room and just pitying herself?
Another issue again they are trying to question is her use of make-up. What’s the problem with that? She feels confident and good whenever she has make up. If this is one of the factor that would boost her self-esteem then why do we have to question it? She got confused when Toni Gonzaga questioned her use of make-up and she said that its already her passion but she does not recommend it to teenagers like her…I think the very reason that she got confused because with the question it that she thinks that there is nothing wrong using make-up but Toni is trying to up in her mind that what she’s doing is not right for her age. But again you can see the maturity of Mrytle in this issue during her talk with Big Brother. She said that she will not give up using make-up but she will put a limitation to using it. This just shows that she is the type of person who will never be dictated upon when it comes to her interest/passion.

Some haters say that she’s Autistic...Oh my haters do you even know what autistic means and how they behave? I’m a psychiatrist and just looking at her didn’t even entered my mind that she’s suffering from a certain mental disorder. She’s just a normal teenager just like everybody…BUT…a different teenager…a teenager who EVERY MOTHER WANTS THEIR DAUGHTERS TO BE.
Lastly, why I really like Myrtle? She learned from her past experiences and these experiences made her stronger, a better person, and a person who played the game very well from the start up to the end. I saw how she got hurt, how she became interested to Kit/Yves, how she withstand all the trials, and how she remained strong despite the persistent psychological abuses she experienced, but despite all of these there is still something in her that makes her MYSTERIOUS…These are the reasons why I’m craving to vote and save her to be the next BIG WINNER ^_^. AND I KNOW SHE WILL BE."


ipibOi said...

I agree. But I go for Roy. Hahaha.

Myrtle Kami said...

We <3 Myrtle. Big Winner!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation MYRLE,, We Love YOU!!

Anonymous said...

congrats ate myrtle :3